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- Biovis Image Plus
- Biovis Materials Plus

Systems :
- Biovis PSM
- Biovis Particle Size Analyzer
- Biovis Gel
- Biovis CASA

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Biovis PSM

Biovis PSM
- Plant Science Modules are a complete suite of plant science solutions for agricultural research applications. Modules available for analysis of Leaf, Roots or Seeds. Versatile solutions offered for use in Labs, or for Portable field level analysis.

Leaf Area Meter
Color discrimination of leaf regions to quantify healthy, diseased, or insect damaged leaf regions. Lab Model with Conveyor for automated batch analysis of leaves to determine leaf area. Portable field model also available.

Root Analysis
Unique solutions to analyse living or extracted Plant root samples. In-situ as well as Lab models available for Root analysis.

Seed Morphometry Analysis
Automated analysis of grains or seeds, to determine total counts and average sizes. Seeds can be classified according to any combination of measurement criteria.

*Biovis PSM currently available only for Indian Consumers.