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"Count on your pixel"

Softwares :
- Biovis Image Plus
- Biovis Materials Plus

Systems :
- Biovis PSM
- Biovis Particle Size Analyzer
- Biovis Gel
- Biovis CASA

- Application examples

- Customized application development

Customized Application Development

  - Do you ever feel the need that your imaging software could do more than what is being offered ?
  - Do you have any unique requirement currently unfulfilled by your product ?

The answers to this can be provided by customization of the
softwares to include the user defined features or functions.

We often come across customers who are in need of more specialized features from their imaging products.
is able to provide solutions for such users by developing tailor-made softwares based on their requirement.
products can be configured with specialized modules which can be custom developed by our engineers so as to suit your needs. You can contact our representative and explain to him what is it that is required, and our technical team will then design the new customized application so that it perfectly fits your requirements.

Get in touch with our representative to obtain the perfect imaging solution as per your needs.