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- Biovis Image Plus
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Systems :
- Biovis PSM
- Biovis Particle Size Analyzer
- Biovis Gel
- Biovis CASA

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Biovis Image Plus

- Application Examples

Brain Section Morphometry
Interactive Measurement of various Brain section areas and estimating their ratios. Interactive selection of Brain regions based on their color. With Morphometry Tool create custom measurement sets for user specific applications.

Endocell - Cell Discrimination and Analysis
Image enhanced prior to analysis to discriminate poorly visible cells from the background. Macros for automated separation of cells from distorted background and stored in Binary Masks/ Bitplanes. Isolated cells further analysed to determine morphological measurements.

Fluorescence Sperm Cells - Color Cells differentiation
Automatic separation of different colored Sperm cells, to determine number of red stained and number of green stained cells. Color based count and classification of cells performed.

Fish Truss Network Analysis
Interactive Truss network analysis for differentiation of Fish species. Define customized truss-diagram with reference markers/landmarks. Obtain point to point distances between the user specified markers on truss diagram along with normalized distances.

Histopathology / Immunohistochemistry
Immunohistochemical stain analysis to differentiate normal and abnormal biological tissues. Automatic detection of the tissue regions that have been stained, and then performing relative staining intensity analysis on them.