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"Count on your pixel"

Softwares :
- Biovis Image Plus
- Biovis Materials Plus

Systems :
- Biovis PSM
- Biovis Particle Size Analyzer
- Biovis Gel
- Biovis CASA

- Application examples

- Customized application development

Imaging Products

Image analysis systems are useful in a diverse range of application fields. Each of the products is fitted with various analysis modules which extend its functionality to suit a specific area of application.
The products are built as a modular design and can be easily optimized and configured with the required analysis modules.

Application Specific Solutions
The modules provided already are, or further can be customized to suit the specific/specialized requirements demanded by your applications.

Affordable and Unique Modules sold Individually
The systems can also be integrated with add-on hardware or software modules which are used as additional components with the associated software to provide a complete Imaging workstation.

Configure around existing Hardware
The softwares and systems can be built using any existing hardware like microscope, camera that you may already have.

Customized OEM / VAR Versions
Customized versions of the systems can be developed for OEM's or VAR's.

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