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Imaging Solutions


BioScience application areas are turning out to be one of the leading consumers of digital imaging softwares. Quantitative analysis for images from microscopy is beneficial in Medical, Scientific and biological applications.
Image Analysis Software are used in the field of Pathology, MicroBiology, research & quality control of Medicine, Forensic sciences, etc.
Many of these fields require image processing techniques to enhance the Image before extracting relevant information from it. Characterization of minute details in the acquired image is essential in these scientific applications.
Biovis Image Plus  
is perfectly suited for these applications and provides numerous functions for enhancement of Image and then obtaining morphometric, densitometry and stereological measurements.

Plant Sciences

Biovis PSM  
- Plant Science Modules are a set of advanced solutions for a wide range of plant sciences applications. Biovis PSM is designed for Plant Pathology and Agronomy applications to provide solutions for Plant Leaf, Plant Root, Plant Seed analysis.
Whether for use in the lab, or for field level analysis, Biovis PSM is offered at different levels of flexibility and portability to the users.

Industrial Analysis

Industrial analysis requires a practical and efficient technique of studying metals and materials to understand their composition and behavior. Such Metallurgical analysis (metallography) by way of imaging softwares provides a fast and accurate method of estimating mechanical properties of materials based on their appearance. This helps to check and maintain that their product meets the required standard.
Microstructural image analysis is useful in Steel Industry, Metal Strength Analysis, manufacturing, automotive, quality control of materials, and for Metallurgist in material science applications.
Biovis Materials Plus  
is aimed at providing solutions for these Material analysis requirements.