Biovis Metallographic Image Analysis System ( MP 2000 )

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  • ” Sophisticated and Powerful Image Analysis System for quantitative Metallographic analysis of Microstructures “
  • Biovis MP 2000 is a digital imaging system designed for high performance analysis in materials microscopy. The innovative and modular system is developed to fulfill the needs of both sophisticated and routine analysis applications in the field of material science.
  • The system is designed with the intent of creating a dedicated imaging workstation for material analysis. With efficient lab workflows possible, and ability to produce accurate results with just a few mouse clicks.
Analysis Modules

Grain Size


Graphite Flake




Dendritic Arm Spacing

Phase/Volume fraction

Inclusion rating

Decarburization depth

Coating Thickness

Module wise Images

Live Image Capture from within the Software for a variety of supported Cameras. One click captures several fields on the sample.

Automatic analysis modes to avoid manual thresholding of images.

Upto 16 Binary Masks can be prepared from a single Image each mask can be used for separate analysis.

Export data and results to Text, Microsoft Word or Excel documents for easy retrieval and archiving.

Provision to interface Motorized stage with the software (optional at extra cost).

Batch-run feature to analyze unattended severalimage fields at a single stroke, & automatically generate a complete statistical report.

All modules have built-in macros for easier execution.

The Macro Editor allows creating user-customizable macros to handle different sample types.

Generate formatted Reports having images and result tables that can be directly printed or saved in Word. Reports customized to company reporting formats.