Computer Assisted Semen Analysis System. ( CASA 2000 )

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  • ” Automated Solution for Quantitative assessment and Data Management of Sperm Motility, Sperm Quality and Sperm Morphology “.
  • Biovis CASA 2000 is a computerized image analysis solution for Semen Analysis. The Automated Semen Analysis System is designed to analyze semen samples and provide accurate results of Sperm Motility, Sperm Count and Concentrations, Sperm Morphological Measurements, Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Sperm Vitality.

Number of Total. Motile. Progressive Cells

% Motile, % Progressive Motile

Number and Percentage of Rapid, Medium, Slow and Static

Calculate Mean values of diterent forms of Sperm velocity


Total, Motile, Progressive millions/mi)

Rapid, Medium, Slow and Static (million/mi


Size of sperm heads

Shape of sperm heads

Acrosome of sperm heads Morphometric values of sperm mid pieces

Statistics of morphometric values like min, max, Average, std deviations


Color classification of stained sperm. Automatic Count and Classification of alive and dead sperms

DNA Fragmentation

Spermatozoa are recognised and Classified automatically into Fragmented or Non Fragmented Spermatozoa as per WHO Guidlines with report Generation



Counts and % Count: Total Count, Motile, Progressively motile.

Concentrations: Express Sperm concentration in millions/ml.

Classification : Rapid, medium, slow and static classification.

Mean Velocities : Mean Sperm Velocities like VAP, VCL, VSL, DẬP, DCL, DSL etc.

Track: Track overlay for movement visualization of sperms.

Dose Calculation.

Spermiogram/Sperm Morphology

Interactive /automated morphometry of sperm head ( area , elongation , size etc.), neck and tail

Complete spermiogram.

Statistics for several analyzed sperms

Classify based on morphological attributes

Color based count/ Classification (Optional)

Automatic count and classification of sperms based on color.

Classification of stained or fluorescently tagged sperm heads.

Color classification to generate DNA fragmentation, Vitality and Viability reports.


Read from image sequences in different formats (bmp, tiff, jpeg, etc.)

Generate comprehensive statistics for one or several fields.

Transfer results and data to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Report generator to generate custom reports with results and images.

View animations of stored image sequences in slow motion for behavioral studies.

Normal / Abnormal, Acrosome Reaction and Mitocondrial Activity using Filters.

Interactive tagging classification for normal, abnormal sperms.

Abnormal classes can be user defined

Automatic analysis of intact and acrosome reacted sperm.

The Mitochondrial Activity Module offer automated count of percentage of sperm with active Mitochondria.