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  • Biovis PSA2000 is an automated imaging system used to detect, characterize, categorize and report, the individual and cumulative particle data obtained from a sample. It offers a microscopy based digital image analysis solution for a comprehensive investigation of particulate matter.
  • Particle size and shape details provide vital information regarding nature and quality of powdered materials. The particle size analysis system can be used in a wide range of applications, from Pharmaceutical and chemical industries, to Life science and Material science research labs, and in quality control applications. Different types of dry or wet particulate matter such as emulsions, crystals, powders, spray droplets, or suspensions can be analyzed by the system.
  • The Biovis PSA2000 workstation is a complete Image analysis solution consisting of a Microscope with an attached high-resolution digital camera, along with the Biovis Particles Plus software. This system is designed to furnish a simple and intuitive interface, with most of the operations carried out by built-in automation scripts thus avoiding much of the manual labor involved from the user's end.
Advantages of Biovis PSA2000

Calculate measurements on thousands of individual particles at the push of a button

Easily isolate different particle types on the basis of size, shape, color, etc.

Pre-built analysis routines to automate the entire process workflow.

Generate customized analysis reports using pre-configured report templates.

The Particle Size analysis and reporting to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Complete the entire procedure with a few mouse clicks. Allows users in labs and manufacturing facilities to save time and improve productivity.

Run unattended a batch of up to 500 images at a time and obtain consolidated statistical results.

Store images and analysis results of your samples and experiments for archival and further reference.


Rapid automated analysis of thousands of individual particles

Detect particles as small as 0.5 micron

US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Software.

Meets USP 695, 776.

Professional Analysis Report generation

Counting and Measuring Foreign Particles/ Particulate Matter in API’s and other Finished Goods

Custom built analysis routines to handle specific sample types

Detect and classify particle types based on size, shape, color

Optional Sample preparation unit available

Image Acquisition and Processing

High resolution digital microscope-camera directly integrated to the system.

Particles in the image, as small as 0.5 micron can be easily detected and measured.

Rapidly detect thousands of individual particles.

Seamlessly integrated hardware requires minimal effort during analysis.

The high resolution digital microscope-camera ensures high accuracy.

Automated pre-processing routines allow analysis of different sample types.

Optional motorized stage controller for rapid unattended scanning of multiple areas of the sample.

Indtvidual Particle Measurements.

With a single click obtain total particle courts along with detailed size and shape information.

Automatic separation algorithms to specific touching particles.

Determine measurements such as area, length, perimeter, roundness, aspect ratio, etc for each individual particle.

Choose fom over 75 different types measurements to be performed on the particles.

The measurement results on each particle can be viewed independently on screen.

Analysis Routines can be customised by the user depending on the sample and application type.