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  • Biovis FPS is an automated imaging system used to detect, characterize, categorize and report as per USP standards. It is a microscopy based digital image analysis solution for a comprehensive investigation of particulate matter.
  • The measuring of particle contamination is of the utmost importance in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Damage caused by these particles can often have detrimental effects in machinery and harmful effects in pharmaceuticals.
  • The software will cover the entire area of filter paper, Capture Images and Stitches the images to create a Panorama Image. The software will then automatically count the particulate matter and produce the results.
  • The particle size analysis system can be used in a wide range of applications, from Pharmaceutical and chemical industries, Manufacturing plants and in quality control applications.

Filter Paper Scanning for analyzing particle count and characterisation in liquid samples to meet the requirement of USP 788 and 789.

Pre-built analysis routines to automate the entire process workflow.

The Particle Size Analysis and reporting to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.

Alarm levels for pass/fail criteria to ensure Quality Control.

Intelligent algorithm & user friendly.

Useful for Injections, Ophthalmic and API contamination tests.

Automatic and semi-automatic versions available

Software is provided with Qualification Documentation protocols.

Macros and Methods can be built and stored, thus reducing errors for routine analysis