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Leaf Area Meter : L-2000
“ Rapid, Accurate and Versatile system for Area Measurement of Large or Small Leaves ”
  • The system is available with the Motorized Conveyor, using which we can easily and quickly scan and measure many leaves. The Conveyor unit is capable of handling any type, size or shape of Leaf Specimens.
  • Using this module we can perform area measurements on different sections of a Plant Leaf.
  • Motorized conveyor Model for batch feeding and analysis of large numbers of leaves rapidly.
  • Capture images of illuminated leaf samples using a camera.
  • Automated calculation of Leaf Areas. Easily Isolate Various Leaf regions based on their color.

Automated Leaf area measurements, leaf disease estimation, Pest damage assessment Efficiently analyze a wide variety of Leaf types from any Plant sample

Analysis of Small Leaves, Large Leaves, or Irregularly shaped ones with same precision Simple Point and click selection of different color regions of a Leaf

Conveyor Belt accessory for rapid and batch processing of leaves

Easy to use mechanics and interface producing accurate and repeatable results

Advanced Leaf Measurements of perimeter, length, width, object count

Save captured Images and the analyzed results locally to text, Word, Excel documents Analyze multiple fields from a batch of samples and generate statistical reports